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deserve. welcome to life on fios. ♪ [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> post-season game in 15 years. the orioles will host the game tomorrow night and everyone around town is getting ready for the opening game but will the weather put a damper on the excitement? >> you are are watching wbal tv 11, live, local, late-breaking this is 11 news tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> at the beginning of the season, you know, we just asked ourselves, hey, see where we stand. >> good evening, everybody. those wise words from orioles stars adam jones and took an
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extra game. after beating texas, the o's come home to face the yankees tomorrow in game one. we have a look at how they are getting ready. >> anxious moments. the orioles tried to chase down the yankees from the a.l. east title and the stakes are higher as the two teams square off in the best of five. game one tomorrow night at camden yards, first playoff game since 1997. buck showalter put his team through a light workout and in a surprise move, buck named hamels -- hammel as the game one starter. they beat the odds by defeating the rangers last night. but this team is far from satisfied. >> you win a series and win a big game and celebrate, you have to focus right back in.
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today was the day and that is good and get ready for tomorrow night. >> certainly have a great attitude. last time they faced one another, 1986 alcs. we know how that turned out. we hope we don't have another jeffrey maier incident. >> preparations are under way for the fans and city and camden yards. and we are live with more how o's magic has taken hold. >> less than 24 hours, baltimore bars and restaurants will be packed and camden yards will be packed and the field has president looked this good in, well, 15 yards. camden is getting dressed up. the buntings are all around. major league baseball's post-season sign was painted on the grass and shows up. national television crews are
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setting up additional cameras on the upper and lower decks allowing viewers at home to see more angles of the game. all this preparation started just hours after fans went crazy following friday night's win. by saturday, it was still the talk of the town. >> good thing for the city. we were out last night and everybody was going wild. haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens' games. >> this design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the racks for eager fans. >> we knew it was going to be crazy. we opened at 8:00 and probably going to stay late. >> bars and restaurants begun setting up barriers. security experts are talking about what will be a busy beginning of the week. >> opening day is pretty large, needless to say. and we are hoping it will be a
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miniature opening day and expecting a lot of people. >> pickles public and other area businesses expect to cash in. >> i had months to plan. i have 24 hours to plan for this, so it's exciting. if you are going to have a problem, that's a good problem to have. >> as for tickets to games one and two here at camden yards, the orioles tell us they are essentially sold out but check the web site because some tickets may have been returned. you may be able to get few remaining tickets to the games. >> george, thank you. while we are talking about preparations, fans should prepare for a chilly game in the stands. >> chilly and wet possibly. today would have been ideal, but a cold front went through, no rain, but we are beginning to feel the colder temperatures. the fly in the ointment besides it being 20 degrees colder.
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see the rain in tennessee and kentucky, that is coming in tomorrow. and probably will last until the evening hours any way. so -- in addition to the chill, we have a chance for some rain, keep that in mind. warmth and something to keep you dry. we'll talk to you about the specifics. >> gloves and jackets will be a good idea. anne arundel police have identified a man who died after an assault in brooklyn park. officers found the 50-year-old gartelman after 9:00 last night and say he died after being in a physical fight. they are asking anyone with information to contact them. baltimore city police have identified the officers involved in a pursuit that ended with gun fire. 17-year veteran sistek and officer dorn responded on lanvale street.
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one of the officers shot the suspect. the two officers are on administrative leave. hundreds of volunteers were hard at work in baltimore today for the annual day of service. the annual ricky myers day of service is run by civic works, 10th year for the event. they planted gardens and cleaned up parks and went through donated goods. >> the focus of his life was to celebrate volunteerism. >> since its inception in 1993, close to 30,000 people have volunteered with civic work. hundreds of student protestors held a rally in college park in support of the state's dream act. >> it's a controversial ballot question that if approved would allow instate television rates
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for immigrants. they would have to attend a high school for three years and prove that they or their parents pay state taxes. they collected signatures to force the issue onto the november ballot. 800 registered voters found that 68% support the measure and 34% oppose it. the baltimore city fire department hosted the thrill show this afternoon to raise public awareness about fire safety, the department's largest public education event of the year. firefighters created home evacuation plans and stressed smoke detectors. they featured jauss of life demonstration. still to come tonight, health officials are reporting more people have been effected by meningitis outbreak and special reunion for a soldier and his son coming up.
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vatican says the former butler for the pope will be getting a pardon. he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. for now, he is serving it under house arrest. he said he leaked the documents because he felt the pope wasn't being informed. a bus overturned in northern new jersey. eight of the injured passengers were in critical condition after this morning's crash in wayne, although none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. the bus was traveling from canada and not yet known what caused the crash. health officials say seven people have now died from a rare meningitis outbreak. the outbreak has spread to more than 60 people in nine states and infected two people in maryland, killing one. it has been linked to a steroid
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produced by a pharmacy in massachusetts. the steroids are being recalled and the pharmacy is contacting anyone who may have used it. a soldier and his son were honored. sanders' name was called right before the coin toss and his son xavier ran to him. >> he was like, so surprised. >> it was tough. really emotional, you know. turned out to be pretty good. >> it was the first time father and son seen each other in a year, although they did communicate on-line. >> expect some cooler temperatures for the rest of the weekend. john collins at the weather center. >> we have fallen down to 50 for the temperature right now in the city itself and going to get colder and won't warm up all
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that quickly. the forecast is just ahead.
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oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. >> in california, the price of gasoline is soaring. the average price for a gallon
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of regular is $4.61. some stations are charging well over $5 a gallon. experts say the cost is expected to increase for several more days because of a temporary reduction in supply. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> wow, it was nice earlier today but things changed. no rain with it. there were a few showers along the front. you can see the line out there. concern to us in addition to the chilly air coming in is this little wave along the front down in the south, kind of drifting in this direction. a lot more moisture with this than with the front itself. what happened today? the high temperature of 79 was hit right before lunch time at 11:57 this morning. and 50, the low today, right now temperature. 70 and 49 are the typicals for this time of year. so we're way off the mark. and tomorrow will be a lot
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colder. so way be although low the mark. the green shade, still i the 60's in the lower eastern shore. but the blue shades drop into the 40's in western maryland. a lot of 40's moving in. well, dryer at least for a brief period of time because the rain is coming. clear skies right now and no clouds. high, thin clouds coming into west virginia and new wave coming in along the front. the front that wept through earlier, couple of spotty showers is well past us. but waves rolling along that front will bring more moisture. and that will be the story tomorrow. in addition to the cool conditions or chilly conditions, the cloud cover and the north winds and presence of this moisture coming our way, temperatures are going to be held down or really they won't rise once we hit the lows. you can see the chilly temperatures out west. a lot of this stuff out here.
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25 degrees at rapid city, south dakota. 33 at international falls. so we're set with some chilly temperatures for a while. overnight tonight, we expect to see an increase in clouds, so the clearing is only a brief thing. 45-49, theover night low. and northwest winds, not very strong, 5 to 10 miles an hour. small craft advisories continue. future cast puts a lot of clouds in the picture. 1:30, rain chances go up in the area and still a pretty good rain chance about 6, 6:30 in the evening. there is chill and rain in the air. towards the end of the game, this rain will be pulling out. how much rain can we expect with all this? the green indicates up to half an inch of rain and blue shades go over half an inch to maybe an
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inch. there will be several hours of it on again, off again. tomorrow, 50-54. and the specific forecast for the ballgame itself starts us out with rainshower activity, temperature about 49 and the rainshower chance running about 40%. i'm going to take rain out at the end of the game. cloudy skies and 45. seven-day forecast. notice the trend. 53 tomorrow, 23 degrees cooler than today. we do start to warm up. morning lows, a little frost ti to begin the week. >> we are less than 24 hours away from game one. >> you can feel the excitement. >> if they play hopefully weather won't be a factor and feel the excitement as the o's get ready to face the yankees. preview the ravens coming up in sports.
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>> when buck showalter has had a great feeling, it has worked out well. buck has decided to give the ball to hammel in game one tomorrow night. hammel hasn't started a game in nearly a month because of a nagging knee injury. a great scene at camden yards today. post-season fever was everywhere as the team got in a like workout. the orioles won half of their 18 games against the yankees. new york has the star power, the birds don't want to play second fiddle to anyone. >> you know, i don't think we are too concerned about it down here. we aren't comparing records throughout the history. we are comparing this year and ready to go and ready to put our team against anybody. receiver the baseball fans root for the underdog and we don't see ourselves that way. we are here for a reason. we are a good baseball team and the guys in this clubhouse know
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that and we don't care what anybody else thinks. we are going to have fun. >> game one of the alds. here in the fifth, a solo blast that gives detroit the 3-1 lead. verlander getting donaldson looking just enough of the inside corner. veer lappeder, seven strong, striking out 11 tigers. they take game one, final 3-1. the ravens usually have the attention all to themselves but sharing time with the orioles is a good thing and ravens don't care as long as they keep on winning. next test is tomorrow afternoon against the chiefs in kansas city. they have had a nine-day layoff since their win over the browns. the chiefs aren't very good at 1-3, but don't say that. the ravens had to fight until the very end against the browns and may have to do the same versus the chiefs.
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>> that's how it is. it's not college football. every team in this league is really, really good. and if you understand that, you have to find a way to win. if you don't understand that, you have no chance in this league. >> the terps committed three turnovers, eight penalties and averaged just 1.2 yards a carry on the ground against wake forest, not exactly the recipe for success. but maryland made the plays when they had to in their first game of the season. to college park, terps' outstanding freshman diggs came through. we start in the second quarter, perry hill throws to dorsey. this touchdown gave the terps a 17-7 lead. wake forest answers in the third. and now the score is 14-13. fourth quarter, biggest play, hill to go diggs, the freshman
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sheds a few tacklers and gets a couple of downfield blocks and look at him go. 63 yards, taking it inside the 5-yard line. on a third and goal, the handoff goes to pickett. they are surpassing their win total of last season. navy at air force, this was a tight one. we start in the fourth quarter, navy trailing. reynolds scores the touchdown, two-point conversion was good. and ties the game up at 21-21. reynolds trying for the end zone and fumbles and recovered by zuzek, fourth down for air force, last chance, henderson. they win in overtime 28-21, giving them the edge to capture the commander in chief trophy.
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john collins is back with a look at the seven-day forecast after this. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here.
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i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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>> if you love fall, it's here. >> the temperatures have tumbled today and the rain comes tomorrow. a high chance for rain tomorrow afternoon and the early part of the evening. high only 53 tomorrow. couple of mornings, monday and
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tuesday, lows in the 30's with highs in the 60's. rain chances again on wednesday and friday and again, we'll focus on the game tomorrow evening, right around 6:00 or so. likely to be some showers in the area and temperatures will only be in the upper 40's to near 50 to the start of the game and falling through the 40's during the game, indications are if rain is going to start at the game, it won't last the whole game. >> that's good. >> if that's good. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is next. have a g >> good evening from the magnus arena at the university of denver in denver, colorado. i'm jim lehrer, anchor of the pbs news hour on your local public broadcasting station.

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